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group Fitness classes

Being a member has it's perks. When you're a member in our network, you get exclusive access and more to group exercises and classes all around the city. From elevated rooftop parks to many exciting locations nearby, we promise a fun filled fitness experience to all participants. Join us next time and see what group training can do for you. 

Network Events

Core Aesthetics more than just a fitness network. Network and grow together with your city's most successful and insightful fitness and business pros of all fields. Enjoy exclusive access to monthly networking events, member discounts, happy hour meet-ups with live music, free giveaways and many more!

Join The Fun
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Your transformation starts with you taking the first step. Join the fun and book your free transformation session today!


Personal Training

What would working with a professional trainer do for you? We're here to provide professional guidance to achieving your goals in a reasonable timeframe. Join our network today and our trainers will come to you!


Online Coaching

Have the luxury of your own personal trainer with only a few taps on our app 24/7. Online Coaching can help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space. Best part is that you can do all these at your own desired time using our FREE APP available on all iOS and Android devices!


Residential Fitness

Give your residents more reasons to love and call your property home. Add valuable prestige and boost residents or members retention with an on site fitness trainer. Healthy living starts here!


Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees are happy employees. Helping employees attain good health creates tremendous long-term benefits for both the employer and the employee. Our elite world class corporate wellness coaches can help promote a better work life balance for your small business or large corporation by carefully customizing a wellness program that is most effective in engaging and motivating your employees.